With 6 outdoor courts, we are the largest dedicated padel club in Béziers. Truly a grassroots enterprise, the club was created by players for players, and offers a sportive and leasure experience for adults and children, including:

  • Padel lessons for children form 7-17 years old
  • Padel coaching for adults, private lessons or groups of 4 players
  • Padel coaching in english with or coach Joel Freeman (native from England)
  • Tournaments with french ranking points
  • Social match play
  • Yoga and Pilates facilities (every Saturday morning)
  • Bar and beer garden
  • Corporate events 

The Béziers padel club is the perfect place to get together with your friends, bring your family or just meet new people, all brought together by the love of this highly addictive sport.

Opened to members and non-members, the club caters for all padel skills, from elite players to people who are just trying on a new raquet sports.



1h30 after 6pm and week-ends : 8€/player (4 players/court)
1h30 before 6pm: 6€/player
1h30 for students : 6€/player (all the time)
1h30 <16 ans : 5€/player (all the time)

You can create an account to book a court on our application. You can also download the application on your smartphone (Bezierspadelclub)

Contact us to get more information, our team speak english !

In evening we serve homemade pizza every wednesday and Thursday night



Padel is a cross between tennis and squash and is a great social and physically rewarding game.  The game was invented in Mexico in 1974 and has since become very popular in Spain and Latin America. Due to its fun, social and accessible aspects, padel has spread rapidly in the past 10 years.


How to Play Padel

Padel is typically played in doubles on an enclosed court with glass and metal walls, similar in layout to a tennis court but only about half the size. Scoring is the same as in tennis, but balls can be played off the walls in a similar way as in squash. Padel balls are similar to standard tennis balls but with a little less pressure, whilst padel rackets are solid (with no strings), perforated, and are smaller and more compact than a tennis racket overall.



Basic Rules of Padel


  • The ball must bounce on the ground before touching any structure and must then be returned before the second bounce.

  • Players can use their own windows to return the ball.

  • Volleys are permitted.


  • The point starts with a serve which, like in tennis, must be hit to the opposite square.

  • The serve is underhanded, with 2 attempts allowed.

  • If the ball hits the net and bounces in the box, it is a let.


  • Scoring is exactly the same as tennis.

  • Six games are needed to win a set, and the team which wins two sets wins the match.

  • Players will play a 7 point tie-breaker if the score reaches 6 games all.

Horaires d’ouverture été 2019

LUNDI de 17H à 23H

MARDI de 9H à 12H et de 17H à 23H

MERCREDI de 9H à 12H et de 17H à 23H

JEUDI de 9H à 12H et de 17H à 23H

VENDREDI de 9H à 12H et de 17H à 21H30

SAMEDI de 9H à 12H et de 17H à 21H

DIMANCHE de 9H à 12H et de 17h à 21H

Contact us : 09 54 73 45 12

You can send us an email direction@bezierspadelclub.com